i4D - integrated4D

The integrated4D (i4D) project of MTA SZTAKI is a joint mission of the Distributed Events Analysis Research Laboratory (DEVA) and the Geometric Modelling and Computer Vision Laboratory (GMCV). The main objective of the project is to design and implement a pilot system for the reconstruction and visualisation of complex spatio-temporal scenes by integrating two different types of data: outdoor 4D point cloud sequences recorded by a car-mounted Velodyne HDL-64E LIDAR sensor, and 4D models of moving actors obtained in an indoor 4D Reconstruction Studio. The main purpose of the integration is our desire to measure and represent the visual world at different levels of detail. In particular, we aim to achieve scientific contributions and provide innovative practical solutions in the following application fields:

    4D virtual city reconstruction: based on our intelligent mobile mapping system, we are able to perceive a dynamic environment, create geometrically reconstructed and textured 3D scene models, meanwhile we detect and analyse various static and moving field objects which are replaced by fixed or animated studio objects in the systhetized 4D city models. Read more...

    Protecting collective properties in urban environment: we develop automated algoritms for monitoring various public premises, including road quality assessment, surveys of road marks and traffic signs, urban green area estimation, traffic analysis. Read more...

    4D video surveillance: we jointly exploit various depth sensors and optical cameras, to achieve high level object detection and classification, multiple people localization and tracking, event recognition a biometric identification tasks. Read more...

    Augmented reality and telecommunication: we are able to synthetize various real and virtual scenes, and to create realistic 4D video flows about dynamic scenarios which can be viewed and analyzed froman arbitrary viewpoint, and virtually modified by the user, resulting in a significantly improved visual experience.

The i4D project is funded by the Internal R&D Grant of MTA SZTAKI (2012-2014).

 Webpage of the i4D Project.

Technical project leaders: Csaba Benedek (DEVA), Zsolt Jankó (GMCV)

Heads of contributing laboratories: Tamás Szirányi (DEVA), Dmitry Chetverikov (GMCV)

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