On this page you can download our multi-view annotation tool for people detection evaluation.
Some annotated datasets and our evaluation tool are avaliable here.
Our multi-view people detection and localization tool is available here.

  1. ┴. Utasi, Cs. Benedek, "A Multi-View Annotation Tool for People Detection Evaluation", in Proc. of The 1st International Workshop on Visual Interfaces for Ground Truth Collection in Computer Vision Applications, Capri, Italy, 21 May 2012, (BibTeX)
  2. ┴. Utasi, Cs. Benedek, "A Bayesian Approach on People Localization in Multi-Camera Systems", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2012 (BibTeX)


User manual: download


Source code (C++): download
Helper scripts: download

Visual Studio 2010
Project: download
Pre-built libraries: gtk+,libiconv,libxml2
DLLs: download

Test datasets

Linux users: download
Windows users: download

User interface

The user interface of MVATool


┴kos Utasi:
Csaba Benedek:

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